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What are prize entries and how do I get them?

U.S.-based players of at least 18 years of age are eligible to win prize entries in every round of the 2019 Red Bull Jam.

Prize entries are awarded based on a player's position on the Red Bull Jam Overall Leaderboard. To access this leaderboard, simply tap the leaderboard button on the main Red Bull Jam menu and choose the top option on the leaderboard. You will only see this option on the overall leaderboard, not on the individual track leaderboards.

You will earn tickets based on your percentile placement on the overall leaderboard at the end of a round. If you are in the top 1% of all players when the round is over, you'll earn 25 prize entries. If you're in the the top 2%, you'll earn 21. The number of entries you earn each round decreases the lower your overall leaderboard finish, based on the following chart:

Percentile Rank Number of tickets earned


2 21
3 18
4-10 16
11-20 14
21-30 12
31-40 10
41-50 8
51-60 6
61-70 5
71-80 4
81-90 3
91-100 2

You can see how many prize entries you've earned from all previous rounds in the "Your Jam Ranks" box on the main Red Bull Jam menu.

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