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What is the Daily Dash?

The Daily Dash is a daily, limited-attempts challenge mode in Mad Skills Motocross 2. 

Each day is a new challenge. We pick the track and the bike. You get limited attempts to race against 3 opponents tailored to your skill level.


You earn points based on your best finish each day. 

  • 1st place rewards 5 points
  • 2nd place rewards 3 points
  • 3rd place rewards 1 point
  • 4th place rewards 0 points

The max amount of points you can earn in a day is 5. You can keep playing after earning all 5 points, but you will not earn any additional points.


The max amount of attempts per day is 36. Attempts are broken down into sessions as follows: 

  • 3 sessions per day
    • The first session begins the first time you play each day
    • Each session starts with 3 free attempts
      • You can watch an ad to unlock 3 more attempts
        • You can watch up to 3 ads to get an additional 9 attempts per session
    • Each session is capped at 12 attempts max
  • A new session starts 3 hours after the start of your previous session


Every month is a new season in Daily Dash and includes brand new virtual gear and other prizes to unlock. 

The points you earn each day accumulate throughout the month. The more points you earn each month, the more prizes you’ll unlock. 

There are two types of prizes. 

  1. Free - these prizes can be earned for free and do not require the Pro Pass

  2. Pro Pass - these prizes require the purchase of a Pro Pass upgrade in order to unlock them

You can see if a prize is Free or requires a Pro Pass by the tab above the prize as shown below. 

Pro Pass

The Pro Pass can be purchased each new monthly season of the Daily Dash. It is not a subscription and will not automatically renew the next month. 

The Pro Pass includes the following benefits: 

  • Access to earn all prizes during the monthly season
  • Removes requirement to watch ads for additional attempts 
    • Pro Pass holders will automatically get 12 attempts per session


Every month is a new season in Daily Dash. Each new season will include a new set of prizes to unlock. At the start of a new season your points will reset back to 0. The more days you play during the season, the more chances you have to earn points and unlock prizes. Pro Pass purchases are good for one season only. At the start of a new season your Pro Pass will not carry over from the previous season and must be purchased again. 


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