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What is the Pro Pass?

The Pro Pass is the premium upgrade in Daily Dash. The Pro Pass can be purchased each new monthly season of the Daily Dash. It is not a recurring subscription. 

The Pro Pass includes the following benefits: 

  • Access to earn all prizes during the monthly season
    • Without the Pro Pass you can only unlock the "Free" prizes
  • Removes requirement to watch ads for additional attempts 
    • Pro Pass holders will automatically get 12 attempts per session, or 36 attempts over the day's three sessions

You can purchase the Pro Pass by hitting the yellow button that says "BUY PRO PASS" from the main Daily Dash menu (as seen below). 

Even if you buy a Pro Pass on the last day of a month, you'll still get all of the Pro Pass prizes that you've earned enough points for that month. It makes more sense to buy the Pro Pass at the beginning of a month, though, so you get all 36 attempts daily without having to watch ads.

If you have already purchased the Pro Pass for the month you will see a Pro Pass icon in the main Daily Dash menu (as shown below).

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