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How many attempts do I get in Daily Dash?

Daily Dash is meant to challenge players by limiting their attempts on a track. 

The max amount of attempts per day is 36. Attempts are broken down into sessions as follows: 

  • 3 sessions per day
    • The first session begins the first time you play each day
    • Each session starts with 3 free attempts
      • You can watch an ad to unlock 3 more attempts
        • You can watch up to 3 ads to get an additional 9 attempts per session
        • If you're a Pro Pass holder you do not have to watch ads to get your additional 9 attempts. You'll start each session off with the full 12 attempts. 
    • Each session is capped at 12 attempts max
  • A new session starts 3 hours after the start of your previous session
  • 130
  • 28-Feb-2021