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I earned enough points for a prize but it didn't unlock

Every month is a new season in Daily Dash and includes brand new virtual gear and other prizes to unlock. 

The points you earn each day accumulate throughout the month. The more points you earn each month, the more prizes you’ll unlock. 

There are two types of prizes. 

  1. Free - these prizes can be earned for free and do not require the Pro Pass

  2. Pro Pass - these prizes require the purchase of a Pro Pass upgrade in order to unlock them

You can see if a prize is Free or requires a Pro Pass by the tab above the prize as shown below. 

In order to unlock the prizes that have the "Pro Pass" label, you must buy the Pro Pass upgrade. If you do not have a Pro Pass, then those prizes will not unlock, even if you've earned enough points. 

You can purchase the Pro Pass at any time during the monthly season. Doing so will unlock all Pro Pass rewards that you have already accumulated points for thus far. 

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  • 28-Feb-2021