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How do I restore my account progress?
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All of your data and progress is stored on your social media account. To restore you progress, tap the globe icon from the main menu. 
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From there you can select a social media account to log in with. You can log in with more than one account. Make sure you log in with the same account as you did when you originally created your Mad Skills Motocross 2 account. 
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If you have already made a new MSM2 account you will need to delete and reinstall the game before logging back in with your social media account. 
If you have two MSM2 accounts, there is a chance you may have overwritten your original account data. If that is the case, just contact us and include both of your MSM2 usernames. We will then restore your original account data for you.  
If Game Center doesn't load, you (Or Apple) turned it off in your phone's settings.
Go to your phone's settings, scroll down in the list of options until you find Game Center and then turn it back on.
**Please note that you can no longer login with Facebook. If you are having issues with your account, please submit a ticket.
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