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What is Jam mode?
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Jam is a fun, weekly competition where all participants focus on racing one to three tracks, and their times from those tracks are combined to give them an overall placement.


Each Jam round begins on a Wednesday or Thursday (depending on where you live in the world) and lasts for seven days.


The first time you ever race in Jam, you start in Division 11, which is a qualifying division. At the end of your first round, you’re placed into your starting division based on your overall results.


If you’re in the top 10 percent in overall time, you’ll be placed into Division 1.


Top 10% = Division 1

Top 11-20% = Division 2

Top 21-30% = Division 3

And so on, down to the final division, 10.


From your starting division, if you have a good next week, you can move up one division at the completion of the round. If you stay steady, you’ll maintain your division. If you have a bad week or you don’t play, you’ll fall a division. There’s never more than one division of movement from round to round.


You can find your overall position and your current division on the Jam menu:

On the individual track screens, you’ll see where you rank on that track on your four leaderboards: global, national, regional (in some countries), and social. Toggle between these leaderboards with the icons on the left:



While you're free to attack times directly from the leaderboards, you can also simply hit the Play button on a Jam track card. When you do this, you’ll automatically be paired up against a real player whose time is slightly better than your best time. With each win, the play arrow will pit you against another slightly faster foe. It’s a great way to slowly but surely climb the leaderboards and improve your time and your overall skills.


So get to Jammin’!

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