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How can I get rid of ads in BMX2?

Any in-app purchase you make will remove ads forever. Purchase some gold or the Premium Upgrade and you'll never see pop-up ads again. You can still choose to watch ads for currency bonuses when offered if you'd like. You will occasionally see in-game messages from us that are related to Mad Skills BMX 2 or other …

What does the Premium Upgrade offer me?

The Premium upgrade offers players additional features to get the most out of Mad Skills BMX 2. It is a one time fee. The Premium Upgrade includes: * 200 gold * Double cash and experience bonuses * Access to Premium Tracks with more tracks being added regularly * Unique Premium rider gear and bike paint * Ac…

How do I get rid of ads in MSM3?

To get rid of automatic pop-up ads between races, you can purchase the ad remover in the shop. If you want to red rid of all ads, including the ads that give you rewards, you can purchase the Pro Pass. You will not see any ads as long as your subscription is active.

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