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What are Jams?

Jam is a fun, weekly competition where all participants focus on racing one or multiple tracks, and their times from those tracks are combined to give them an overall placement.

In this classic and free Mad Skills mode, you:

  • Compete against real players in multiple-day rounds

  • Have unlimited attempts to set the best times you can on each track

  • Fight for position on a variety of leaderboards

  • Must set times on each track to be eligible for prizes

  • Will sometimes be required to race on a specific bike

On the individual track cards, you’ll see where you rank on your three leaderboards: global, national, and regional (in some countries). Tap the leaderboard button above those ranks to access the leaderboards. You can select a specific player to race against by hitting the VS icon next to their name on a leaderboard. 

You can see the overall leaderboard by hitting the leaderboard button on the top right of the main Jam menu (above the prizes). 

If you tap the yellow RACE button on a track, you’ll automatically be paired up against a real player who’s time is slightly better than your best time. With each win, the play arrow will pit you against another slightly faster foe. It’s a great way to slowly but surely climb the leaderboards and improve your time and your overall skills.

So get to Jammin’!

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  • 21-May-2021