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What are Duels?

Duel is our live PVP racing mode and can be found in the Events section. 

In this exciting mode, you:

  • Play 2-minute sessions in real time against another real player

  • Have unlimited restarts within that time frame

  • Race against the ghost of your opponent’s best time in the session

  • Gain trophies if you win and lose trophies if you lose

  • Collect trophies from Duels to rank up and earn awesome prizes

Both players get 2 minutes to set their best time. Your opponents replay will periodically update so you always see their fastest time so far. Once the timer runs out you can finish your run but you cannot restart again. 

There are multiple ranks to Duel that are as follows: 

  • Bronze II 

    • 0-300 trophies

  • Bronze I

    • 300-700 trophies

  • Silver II

    • 700-1200 trophies

  • Silver I

    • 1200-2000 trophies

  • Gold II

    • 2000-2500 trophies

  • Gold I

    • 2500-3000 trophies

  • Platinum II

    • 3000-4000 trophies

  • Platinum I

    • 4000-5000 trophies

  • Diamond II

    • 5000-6000 trophies

  • Diamond I

    • 6000+ trophies

When you make it to a new rank you will be rewarded with an exclusive prize! 

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  • 21-May-2021