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How can I earn more gold and coins in Mad Skills Motocross 3?
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As with all Mad Skills games all bikes and upgrades can be unlocked by playing for free! The more you play the more gold and silver coins you'll earn. Here are some tips to help you get the most coins and gold in the quickest time possible!


  • Complete all your Daily Goals every day
    • This is a great way to earn extra currency and if you complete all goals you will be rewarded with some gold
    • Daily Goals can be found by hitting Daily Goals button on the top bar of the main menu 
  • Play Championships as much as possible
    • Championships are the best way to earn silver coins
    • You can repeat a Championship every 3 hours
    • Enter as many Championships as you have unlocked and repeat them every 3 hours for max silver
  • Complete Achievements 
    • Achievements can be found in a tab on the player profile
    • Completing an achievement will reward gold coins
  • Watch ads for free gold

    • Tap the "Daily Free Rewards" button from the main menu to earn rewards by watching ads

    • You can do this multiple times a day (if an ad is available) 

  • Invite your friends

    • Tap the invite friend button from the Friends main menu

    • Once a friend accepts your invite and downloads the game you will be rewarded with gold coins! 

    • There is no limit to how many friends you can invite and rewards increase as you invite more friends

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